Microbiology Lab

    The Microbiology Laboratory is a vital and important part at AL-Ameed medical University because it has an important role in improving students with scientific skills and knowledge in the field of microorganisms especially the pathogenic microorganisms, and medical biology in general. The university improving this lab with latest of new and development devices, equipment and instrument at all levels 

The work in microbiology Lab shown in the following:

1. Work in the laboratory is characterized by the use of modern equipment in conducting practical experiments by students under the supervision teacher. In addition, using an advanced technique in the presentation of scientific material for students.

2. The methods that using the teachers in the teaching of medical biology and microbiology are the methods of modern active learning to highlight the creative side of students.

3. The diversity of assessment and evaluation methods in the lab.

4. At the same time, the teaching staff in the laboratory is committed to adhere to and apply the laboratory safety conditions and rules to maintain the safety of students and anyone in contact with the lab, in addition, devices, equipment, and instrument.

5. The capacity of the laboratory is 50 _55 students.


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