Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is one of the most helpful and effective educational unit in Al-Ameed University, which was supplied with a modern equipment and tools Which facilitates the process of discovery to the students and helps them to obtain accurate information in their area of competence. The work is done under the supervision of a team of qualified teachers to make it easier for the student to deal with chemicals and equipment in the accurate and correct manner.

Chemistry lab receives students from the two Faculties of Dentistry (204 students) and nursing (162 students) by eight lectures per week where students were divided in each college to four groups.
note that the capacity of the laboratory exceed fifty students.

The safety procedures in the laboratory are one of the most important aspects due to the international rules and foundations that must be followed for the safety of everyone in the laboratory, On the other hand, the laboratory is equipped with ventilation systems, gas disposal and firefighting equipment.

As for the equipment available in our laborator
electronic balance
• hot plate
• Centrifuge
• Vortex mixer
• Oven
• PH meter
• Melting point device
• Spectrophotometer
• Blood tube shaker
• Fume Hood
• Water bath
• Distillater
• Buchner System

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