About the College

A word by the dean of faculty of Dentistry

       Oral and dental health care represents the cornerstone of the right build-up of individual and community health. Up to a short period ago; that sector has suffered ,as the other health sectors, from ignorance due to the direction of country incomes and capabilities away from all what achieves prosperity & flourish of its patient, oppressed people. As a result; no one cared to find a sufficient number of dental colleges to provide the society with its needs of competent dentists. So; until nearly three decades ago; there were only two Colleges of Dentistry; one in Baghdad University and the other in Mosul University while the vast majority of population dwelling the southern governorates has suffered from ignorance and margination for long periods. After the collapse of Iraqi idol, in 2003 , loyal sons of Iraq tried to fill up that gap by the way of working to create several official and private dental colleges in almost every Iraqi University. Now, we are much insistent to challenge the difficulties and to exert our maximum efforts to fulfill our responsibilities towards our homeland and our people. From Allah, we hope help and apposition. Indeed, He is the best Lord and the best supporter. 

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