Medical Physics Laboratory



At the beginning of the first semester, the students in the medical physics laboratory are introduced to the measuring instruments and then the students are distributed in the form of groups consisting of five students and divided into practical experiments.

The first chapter deals with visual physics and its applications in the medical field such as

Refractometer: A device used to measure the specific density of liquids by measuring the refractive index of the material.

Focal length measurement experiment.

And the experience of measuring human blood pressure using the medical pressure device (Sphygmomanometer).

In the second semester we deal with the experiments of physics, mechanics and laser, because they are important in medical applications

Experience fluid viscosity measurement.

Experiment measuring the wavelength of the helium - neon laser.

Experiment with measuring fluid velocity (resonance).

 The number of students entering the laboratory ranges between 54 students and 49 students per group , and this course is taught for (medicine and dental medicine).


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