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Lect. Dr. Haider Falih Shamikh Al-Saedi

  • Qualifications:
  • Speciality:
  • Scientific Title:
  • CV:
  • PhD
  • Pharmacy
  • Lect. Dr
Academic achievement:
  1. Ph.D. of pharmacology and toxicology (2019).
  2. M.Sc. of pharmacology and toxicology (2015)
  3. Higher diploma of pharmacology and toxicology (2010)
Of experience:
  1. From 2004 -2005: clinical pharmacist in Al-Sader teaching hospital
  2. From 2005-2006: clinical pharmacist in Al-Megjar general hospital
  3. From 2006-2007: chief of primary health unit
  4. From 2007-2009: primary health and public health directorate
  5. From 2009 -2017: pharmacy department – clinical pharmacy and drug advertising unit
Of experience:
  1. Member of Iraqi pharmacists syndicate and Iraqi academic syndicate
  2. Training of graduated pharmacist
  3. I teach at the Dean's University
Scientific activities
  1. Participation in many scientific research and scientific conferences inside Iraq
  2. Scientific evaluator for scientific research of three reputable international journals
Published research:
  1. The possible effects of montelukast against doxorubicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rabbits
  2. Effect of pentoxifylline against doxorubicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rabbits
  3. effect of ezetimibe on glycemic parameters on iraqi women with metabolic syndrom
  4. Effect of metformin gel against imiquimod–induced psoriasis in mice
  5. The possible protective effect of trimetazidine on imiquimod-induced psoriasis like skin inflammation in an animal model
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