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Speech of Mr. Dean of the College of Pharmacy

In the name of Allah , the lord of the universe and source of knowledge ‎
As John Amos Comenius has already stated that " It all depends on a good start" ‎we started from the top. ‎
At 2019 and here, at university of Alameed a new college of pharmacy were ‎established and the first academic year was started. The administration staff of this ‎college is highly qualified and well trained persons who takes the mission of ‎converting our college from just an ordinary pharmacy college with no difference from ‎other same specialty, but we insist to make it a pioneer and one of the top at our ‎country within the upcoming five years and well recognized college in region and ‎world at near future.‎
We have a vision and mission inspired by the vision of the owner ( Al Abbas s (p) Holy ‎Shrine to develop our infrastructure and to upgrade the skills of all our staff starting ‎from our academic staff till supporting staff in order to be able to learn our student all ‎academic knowledge ( both theoretical and practical) to be a qualified pharmacist to ‎serve his community and country. ‎
In addition to that, the active participation in research developing by an applicable ‎researches in all disciplines of pharmacy practice . ‎
Finally on behalf of the pharmacy board I wish for our country ( Iraq) and all humanity ‎and man kind peace and prosperity and for our college a persisted and consisted ‎success to be a good progression for a good start. ‎
Best wishes

‎ Dean
‎ Assistant Professor
Dr. Ahmed Hashim Hussein

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