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Prof. Dr. Alaa Jabr Mohammed Al-Moussawi

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  • PhD
  • Arabic Language
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Academic rank: Assistant professor • University Degrees obtained:
1. B.A in Arabic from Faculty of Arts/ Al-Mustansiriyiah University.
2. M.A in Arabic linguistics from Faculty of Arts/ Al-Mustansiriyiah University.(1998)
3. Ph.D. in Arabic linguistics from Faculty of Arts/ Al-Mustansiriyiah University.(2005) Both higher degrees were obtained with distinction
• Teaching Experience:
1. A teaching staff member in San'a University/Yemen 1999-2001.
2. A teaching staff member in Al-Mustansyiriah University 2005-onward.
Training Courses:
1. A Certificate of Attendance in the teaching methods course organized by the Consultancy Bureau affiliated to the Faculty of Education in Al-Mustansiriyiah University.
• Membership on Professional Societies:
1. Member of Iraqi Union of Writers
2. Member of Iraqi Journalists Association
3. Member of Iraqi Union of University Teachers
4. Member of Iraqi Society of Human Rights
• Positions Held:
1. Vice-Chairman of the Digital Literary Forum in the Iraqi Union of Writers.
2. Editor- in- Chief of Al-Mustansiriyiah Journal of Arts( A Refereed Journal)
3. Editor- in- Chief of Journal of Philosophy issued by Faculty of Arts/ Al-Mustansiriyiah University
• Courses Taught Arabic Grammar, Arabic philology, Arabic phonetics and linguistics. List of Publications:
1. "The Individualized Sex: A Reading in the Characteristics of the Novel" in Yemeni Journal of Culture 2000.
2. "Realities Unable to Draw Writing" in Journal of Modernity / Lebanon.
3. "The Movement of Memory in Narrative Texts" a paper delivered to the Scientific Conference held by Faculty of Education, Al-Mustansiriyiah University - 2003
4. "Phonetic Criteria of Muslim Philosophers" a paper delivered to the Scientific Conference held by Faculty of Arts, Al-Mustansiriyiah University - 2003
5. "The Significance of Narrative Texts: A Reading in the Denotation of the Past Time" in Al-Mawqif Literary Journal issued in Syria 2002.
6. "Narration and Language Change" Journal of Studies issued by Union of Writers in United Arab Emirates 2007.
7. "Linguistic Research by Al-Safa Brothers and Faithful Friends" in Al-Mustansiriyiah Journal of Arts 2008.
8. " Two Letters in Sounds of Language" in Journal of Islamic Researches 2008
9. "The Poeticness of Prose: A Reading in Muqamaat Badii Al-Zman Al-Hamadani
10. "The Death of Texts: A Reading in the Ambiguity of Arabic Poetry"
11. "The deception of the Prose Text: A Reading in Muqamaat Al-Hariiry.
12. "The Missing Criteria and Intersection of Texts"
13. "AbdullWahab Albayatii: The Multiplicity of Masks and Self-absence"
• Books published:
1. The Memory Flying in the Space of the Narrative Time (2004) Yemen: The Publishing House of the Union of Yemini Writers.
2. Arabic Schools of Phonetics: The Rise and Development. Beirut: Dar Al-kitub Al-Almiah.
3. The Typology of Narrative Texts: Linguistic Critique of the Novels of the Insane.(2007) Sharijih: The Publishing House of Information and Culture.
4. Techno-cultural Modernity(2009).Baghdad: Al-Zawra'a Publishing House
• Manuscripts of Books:
1. Phonetic Investigation by Avicenna( his M.A Thesis)
2. A Dictionary of the Quranic Proverbs( a Co-auther)
3. The Influence of Siibawaih on Arabic Dictionary Making.
4. The Search for Space of Argumentative Criticisms in Emirati Narration

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