Assistant President's Speech

Praise be to Allaah and praise be to His right and due, who taught the pen, the science of man unless he knew, and peace and blessings be upon the best guidance and  teacher and master Muhammad (peace be upon him) which completed Islam, the real wealth of the nations is these notables who have volunteered in the intelligence of the forces of nature, and invest what God has deposited in this land of wealth and good to establish the foundations for a better future and push forward the advancement of science in all walks of life. The real wealth of the college is the students because they are the minds of the hypocrites who volunteered in their intelligence, interest of them is the ultimate goal, and this can only be achieved through attention of the teacher and the curriculum that is placed for the student. The educational process, as everyone knows, succeeds only in the success and integration of all parties. All members of the university are faculty members, lecturers, lecturers, technicians and administrators who are all working to serve this good plant of the students, and these hands will continue to nurture this plant and provide it with the knowledge and knowledge it needs to become a part of the tree. At the end of this speech, I would like to congratulate the students of the university on their belonging to this prestigious scientific edifice, and at the hands of the professors and students to work sincerely to achieve the desired goal and recommend them to piety in the secret and the public and invite them to make science and knowledge their way of life to serve society.

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