Learning Resources Center

The central library and its center support the education of students, the university staff, so that they can access the resources available through the
library .
our library and its center seek to support and provide the educational program for the university by providing the highest possible standards in the work environment and specialized services which would achieve academic excellence, a consulting committee has been informed for the library, represented by members and advisors who set and review the
general policy for it to serve the educational process.
Al-Ameed University Central Library is considered he first Iraqi university library to operate on a comprehensive library management system, it is one of the most prominent modern library systems that includes the best symphony for library management.
The features available in the Unicorn and Horizon system in addition to a large number of new features,capabilities, services, and functions that are activated
in light of this system.
Our university library is the first Iraqi university library that works on indexing and organizing books electronically in this system.
Also, the first book in an Iraqi university library was indexed and classified according to this system,which provides the basic functions of an integrated library system for both loaning, indexing and periodical control , supply as well as a wide range of
other solutions

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