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Assist. Lect.. Ahmed Falah Azeez Al-Talqani

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  • Master
  • Pharmacy
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I.(M.Sc.) Clinical pharmacy master, clinical pharmacy department /collage of pharmacy- Baghdad university [Graduation date: Jul 2019].  
II.(B.Sc.) Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences & pharmaceutical industries, Future University in Egypt. [CGPA 3.17] [Graduation Date: September 2015].
III.Secondary education, Al-shaik Al-mofied prep school in al-Najaf al-Ashraf. [total score 600]  [Graduation date: 2009-2010].
Non-Formal Education
The American University in Cairo/ School of Continuing Education: attended the A2 CONVERSATION ENGLISH [achievement date: March 2015].
Work Experience 
Lecturer assistant at Al-Ameed University-college of pharmacy.
Disease specialist at Al-Mouyasser Scientific Bureau/ Novartis- diabetes line [May 2019 until Novartis shutdown decision] in middle Euphrates Provinces.
Medical representative at Arnoun Group/ Merck Consumer Health [Oct. 2017 until Jun 2018] (I left work because I wanted to give full dedication to master’s degree). In Al-Najaf Al-ashraf province. 
Summer Training at El-Ezaby Pharmacy, Cairo, Egypt 2012. 
Published paper entitled "Prevalence of UGT1A1*93 and ABCC5 Polymorphisms in Cancer Patients Receiving Irinotecan-Based Chemotherapy at Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf" [Dec 2019].
Poster presentation entitled "Prevalence of UGT1A1*28, *60, *93, ABCC5, and ABCG1 and Their Impact on Toxicity in Iraqi Cancer Patients Treated with Irinotecan" in the ASHG 2019 Annual meeting. [15-19 Oct 2019 – George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX, USA].
Speaker presentation entitled “Role of UGT1A1 Enzyme and ABC Transporters Gene Polymorphisms in Irinotecan Toxicity” in the 1st International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICPS 2019) at faculty of pharmacy/ university of Kufa [ Al-Najaf Al-ashraf, Iraq]
Participantion in the Organization of the 3rd FUE International Conference of Pharmaceutical Sciences [9-11 Feb 2015].
Poster presentation entitled "Biodegradation of some phenolic compounds Burkholderia cepacia strain" in the 3rd FUE International Conference of pharmaceutical sciences on Pharmaceutical Technologies. [9-11 Feb 2015 – intercontinental city star, Cairo, Egypt].
The FUE Pharmaceutical Factory, An internship in the production department, Egypt. [August 2015, two weeks].
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