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Assist. Lect.. Samer Ihsan Hadi Al-Tameemi

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  • Master
  • Pharmacy
  • Assist. Lect.


- B.Sc. in pharmaceutical science from Baghdad College of Pharmacy, 2011.

                        -M.Sc. in organization of pharmaceutical business from Belarusian State Medical University2016.

Languages: Arabic , English and Russian  (Read, Write and Speak)

Computer knowledge: Windows, Microsoft  Office and Internet.


  1. Member of Al-Emameya international organization and corporate in all activities inside Iraq.
  2. Work with Emergency Italian organization by accompanied its patients and follow up of their treatment in Sulaymanea and Karbala 2003-2004.
  3. Member of International Iraq Medical Association No.4123
  4. Has a letter of thanks from Baghdad College of Pharmacy 2009.
  5. work as Lecturer in University of Karbala – college of pharmacy (2011-2012)
  6. Has a certificate in Beauty and Cosmetics(2012)
  7. Has a certificate in Treatment of malignant tumors (2014)
  8. Has a certificate in Television appearance 2018
  9. Has a certificate in The ways for universities to raise international rankings2020
  10. Has a certificate in The requirements for promoting scientific promotion transaction 2020

10-Has a certificate in attendance in the 1st international virtual scientific conference in university of Al-Qadisiyah



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