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Assist. Lect. Haitham Ibrahim Faris Al-Ghazali

  • Qualifications:
  • Speciality:
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  • CV:
  • Master
  • Surgical Internal Nursing
  • Assist. Lect

Current Work:

  • (Teaching at the Al_Ameed College of Nursing)

place prev work :

  1. Kufa University College of Nursing (two years)
  2. Fundamentals of the Basics Branch of the College of Nursing, Al_Ameed University
  3. Dean of the adult branch of the Al_Ameed University College of Nursing
  4. A representative of the teaching staff at the University of the Al_Ameed, College of Nursing, Syndicate of Academics.
  5. Secretary of the Council of the College of Nursing at the Al_Ameed University
  6. Lecturer at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Kufa

Thesis title :

  • * Impact of family lifestyle upon middle childhood obesity in obesity research and therapy unit at al kindey medical college in baghdad city


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