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Lect. Dr. Hussein allawi hussein Al-Ghanemy

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  • PhD
  • Medical College
  • Lect. Dr
 Ph.D, Biology-Physiology from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad-Iran in 2019.
Teaching experience:
 I worked as a faculty member at Al-Mustaqbal University college-Department of medical
laboratory techniques, Ibn Al-Baytar University college-Departments of Dentistry & Pharmacy,
University of Kerbala-College of Applied medical sciences, and also Al-Safwa University
College, since 2011 till 2015.
 Faculty member at University of Al-Ameed-Faculty of Medicine since 2020-present.
 I have published 6 scientific articles in biology, physiology, and public health specialities.
 I have participated in 5 conferences including, University of Kerbala (1), University of Babylon
(1), University of Al-Qadisiya (1), Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (1), and Mashhad
University of Medical Sciences (1).
I have participated in 27 workshops with different medical techniques like, PCR,
Immunohistochemistry, Western blotting, Laboratory animal model, Total quality management,
Leadership and management, Evaluation and handling of risks, Handling of toxic and hazardous
materials, Time management, Body language, Learning and memory techniques,
neurophysiology, … etc.
Other certificates:
 Computer learning course, Computer center, University of Babylon.
st teaching ways course, Continuous education center, University of Babylon.
Teaching validity, Continuous education center, University of Technology.
5 acknowledgments, Al-Mustaqbal University College (1), Dimensions foundation for
development (1), and Al-Safwa University College (3).
Computer skills:
 Microsoft office.
 Graphpad prism.
 Image J.
 Arabic (Native).
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