About the College


Dear Colleaques

The Faculty of Nursing at the University of Al-Ameed plays an important place among the four colleges of the university, and this importance comes through its great endeavor to develop the nursing profession, and help its students to acquire knowledge, skills, behaviors and professional competencies that are based on scientific, educational and psychological frameworks. In addition, the college pays attention to enhance social responsibility in the field of health for social groups, in order to achieve its vision, mission and goals by employing academic standards to raise the quality of educational outputs, and to prepare a generation of nurses who have the necessary skill to perform its work in health and education institutions in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy environment. The goals that the college focused on, lies in the importance of conducting applied scientific research by faculty members and directing its results in a manner that meets the research priorities: to serve the community, and to achieve the sustainable development that the university has drawn up within its strategic plan. Likewise, the college focused on the importance of improving the academic environment through improving teaching and training methods. From the foregoing, we see that the College of Nursing at the University of the Al-Ameed pays great attention to applying quality standards and academic accreditation.

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