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Assist. Lect. Abdul Sattar Aswed Kokz

  • Qualifications:
  • Speciality:
  • Scientific Title:
  • CV:
  • Master
  • Biology
  • Assist. Lect


  • B.Sc Faculty of Biology Science / Al-  Qadisiyah University‎ (2013).
  • Master of Science in Microbiology/ University of Babylon, Medicine Faculty (2016).

 Science in Microbiology Professional Summary:

   Graduated from [G1] University of Babylon Faculty of Medicine with the following skills and expertise: [G2]

  • Laboratory examiner by use of modern techniques  like real-time PCR, Gene-X-Pert and ELISA etc. ….
  • Teach of microbiology science objectives.
  • Bacteriology Diagnosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis using cultured, DNA Detection and immune marker finding).
  • Write a thesis about Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  
  • Mastery of computer programs (such as Microsoft Office word, Ppt, Excel, Publisher..).  
  • University lecturer.
  • Language Arabic:    Native language

                   English:  speak good, read good,  write well.[G3] [G4]

  • Experience in teaching methods, especially active learning and give lessons in this field.
  • Experience in strategic planning.


  • (010/2014-03/2016), Working on Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection using Different diagnostic Techniques in Babylon Province/College of Medicine, University of Babylon.
  •  Six months working for Extracting DNA from somatic cells using Real-Time PCR/ College of Biology Science, Al-[G5] Qadisiyah University (2013).

 Real Work Experience:

  • Work in the Lab as Laboratory examiner 2015 in special laboratories.
  • Taking and giving lectures in teaching methods specifically in active learning for 5 months and received a certificate of appreciation on it /2016.
  • Work as Supervisor in the Private Schools 2016.
  • Work as University lecturer in Karbala Technical Institute of the Technical University in the mid-Euphrates 2016.
  • Experience in strategic planning.



                     English: speak good, read good, write well. [G8] [G9]

  • Experience in strategic planning.


  • Serum level of IL-2, IgG, and IgM in Treated and Untreated TB Patients /College of Medicine, Babylon University, Iraq /24 December 2015[G10] .
  • DNA extracted from cells using PCR, 2013 B.Sc Faculty of Biology Science / Al- Qadisiyah University, Iraq.
  • Certificate of participation: participated in 1st Medical Sciences Congress held on 7-9th of December 2016 in Kerbala, Iraq (College of Medicine University of Kerbala), with a presentation entitled" Comparison and Evaluation of Diagnostic techniques for [G11] Mycobacterium tuberculosis among TB patients". [G12]
  • Certificated in teaching methods, especially active learning and give lessons in this field.


 Interests And Activities

  • Interest:
  • Fieldwork (work in microbiology laboratories).
  •  I have an interest in the employment of modern equipment in the laboratory diagnosis and worked on it during the time when I got my master's degree.
  • DNA extracted using modern techniques such as Real-time PCR and gene X-[G13] pert.
  • Follow-up scientific events through participation in social networking on the Internet sites and note what is modern in the scientific field.
  • Human development projects.
  • Activities/Hobbies:
  •  Football, summing, and tennis.[G14]
  • Reading.


 Personal Academic Tutor:


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