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Email: dr.radha.m@alameed.edu.iq

Phone: 07812876585

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ridha Mohamad Lefta Al-Badairi

  • Qualifications:
  • Speciality:
  • Scientific Title:
  • CV:
  • PhD
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Assist. Prof. Dr

Educations and Degrees:

  1. B,Ch.N(2007),College of Nrsing, University of Baghdad
  2. Master Degree (M.D) (2011 College of Nrsing, University of Baghdad within Community health nursing about Health Promotion.
  3. Ph.D (2016): surveillance system for communicable disease among target disease , faculty of Nursing, University of Baghdad

Academic and Professional appointments::

  1. Head of Scientific Comity of Department of nursing Fundamental - in Faculty of Nursing, University of AL-Ameed
  2. Assistance of Dean for Scientific Affairs in Faculty of Nursing, University of AL-Ameed
  3. Head of education committee in college of nursing

Other Scientific Activities::

  1. Chairman and member in the examining committee for certification of M.B,Ch.B students.
  2. Member of Scientific committee of AL-Ameed University - Faculty of Nursing

Acknowledgments and appreciation letters:

  1. The President of AL-Ameed University (3)
  2. The Dean of faculty of Nursing (5)

Publications in Nation::

  1. Adequacy of Communicable Disease Surveillance System Attributes for Target Disease of Expanded on Immunization (International Journal of Scientific and Research Publication).
  2. Assessment of Health Protective behaviors among Patient with thalassemia at the Women's and Children’s Hospital in Al-Muthanna City.
  3. Assessment of Pregnancy Complications among Internally Displaced Women in Karbala Governorate.
  4. Seroprevelance of toxoplasmosis gondii infection among pregnant women in Karbala governorate 2014-2017
  5. Improve Women' Skills of their Children with Hemophilia at Hereditary Blood Disease Center in Al-Nasiriya City.
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