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Email: uday_abdulreda@yahoo.com

Phone: 07803523169

Assist. Prof. Dr. Uday Abdul-Reda Hussein Al-RiKaby

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  • PhD
  • Drugs and treatments
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Scientific Qualifications::

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy- College of Pharmacy –Baghdad University
  2. Master in Pharmacology – College of Medicine – Al-Nahrain University
  3. Philosophy of Doctorate in Pharmacology - College of Medicine – Al-Nahrain University

Current Work:

  • : Dean of College of Pharmacy - University of Al-Ameed .

Previous Work:

  1. Head of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department / College of Pharmacy / Thi _Qar University.
  2. Assist. Dean for Scientific Affairs / College of Pharmacy / Thi _Qar University.
  3. Dean of College of Pharmacy / Thi _Qar University. .

Scientific activities::

  1. Participation in the discussion committee's for several theses of doctoral and master's students..
  2. Participation in many workshops, seminars and conferences..
  3. Publishing of several researches and articles.
  4. Evaluation of several scientific researches.

Scientific research:

  1. Effects of Verapamil and Olanzapine in Terminating Pilocarpine-Induced Epileptic Seizures in Mice
  2. Using Atorvastatin and L-Carnitine in Prevention of Pilocarpine-Induced Seizures: Animal Model Study
  3. Antimicrobial activity of ethanolic and aqueous extracts of pomegranate peel against Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase producing bacteria
  4. Role of Eruca sativa in prevention of induced nephrocalcinosis in rabbits.
  5. The Possible Nephroprotective Effect of Roflumilast Ameliorating Glycerol-Induced Myoglobinuric Acute Renal Injury in Rabbits Model
  6. Neuroprotective and Anti-nociceptive Effects of Roflumilast on Vincristine- Induced Neuropathy in Rats
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