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Lect. Dr.. Ghufran Lutfi Ismaeel Al-Tajir

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1. Ph.D in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) - University of Pune, India – 2018.
2. Master in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) - University of Pune, India – 2013.
3. Diploma in Clinical Pharmacology – Inmdar Hospital, India – 2012.
4. Bachelor in Pharmacy - University of Pune, India – 2013.
I passed the International Exam of Pharmacy for foreigner adapted by 
the University of Pune and I ranked second after Japan.
1. I worked for 4 years as a member of Poona Diabetic Center 
Place: Pune - India
Date: 2011-2015
2. I worked as a lecturer in Inamdar hospital in pune, India for two years where I was teaching Pharmacology.
Place: Pune - India
Date: 2011-2013
3. I worked as a Head of Pharmacy Department (HOD) and as a lecturer at Ibn Hayyan College for two years. I taught both Pharmacy as well as Dentistry. In addition, I was a Head of examination section of Pharmacy Department.
Place: Karbalaa – Iraq.
Date: 2013-2015
1. Supplements of vitamin B12 in diabetic patients on metformin therapy with peripheral neuropathy: a possible correlation. 
2. Effect of gliptins on metabolic syndrome in diabetic patients.
3. Prevalence of peptic ulcer in O blood group patients.
4. Preclinical evaluation of atherosclerosis.
5. pH of shampoo and chemistry of hair.
6. Recent biomarkers in atherosclerosis.
7. Gastric heamorrhage in liver cirrhosis.
Training Courses
1. Course in clinical and practical pharmacology from Inamdar Hospital affiliated to Indian ministry of health, Pune – India. 2013
2. Occupational course from Iraqi Pharmacists Syndicate, Baghdad- Iraq. 2014
3. Training course in  Cipla Limited multinational
 pharmaceutical and biotechnology company for six months. 2010
4. Course in (English proficiency) English Language Intensive Course (ELICIS) from university of Pune. 2007
5. APTECH Advanced course in spoken English & preparatory Courses for IELTS, Pune - India. 2015   
 6. Course of techniques and teaching methods organized by the consulting office at Karbala University. 2015
Certificates of thanks and Appreciation
I got certificate of thanks and appreciation from Ibn Hayyan College of Pharmacy for my role in teaching and management of the department and examination. 
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