To achieve the vision and mission of Al-Ameed University, the Central Library and Learning
Resources Center intend to play the role that makes it an intellectual center and not just a place to borrow books, but rather to provide many activities and activities that promote the culture of the Iraqi and Arab society through traditional aspects and modern technology, thus shifting from a saving policy to Access and Communication Policy

1.Meet the knowledge and research needs of AlAmeed University community and the local
community at the present time
2. Enriching the academic experiences of the
teaching staff and researchers at the university and
local levels
3. Developing specialized work in libraries in a way
that is consistent with the great information
development in the world
4. Establishing specialized scientific cooperation
relations with other libraries in all fields. Giving and
exchange books and courses
5. Developing the university staff by holding courses
by specialists in library science and holding
specialized workshops and seminars
6.Creating a scientific climate for reading in terms of
calm, providing means for obtaining information,
and providing comfortable means of reading for the
7.Building a smart university library by providing
smart gates, intelligent automatic return and sorting
services, smart self-services, smart shelves, mobile
transfer and processing services, smart automatic
inventory, remote management, smart office loan
services, smart mobile loan services
8. Providing indicators to ensure the quality of office
services to obtain local, national, international and
global accreditation

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