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أ.م.د. DEEAA KAREEM ABD ALI albayatee

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  • PhD
  • Nursing
  • P.A.D


  • 2005   University of Baghdad / College of Nursing / Bachelor Sciences in Nursing.
  • 2010  University of Baghdad / College of Nursing / Master Degree in Nursing Sciences/  Adults Nursing.
  • 2014   University of Baghdad / College of Nursing / Ph.D. in Nursing Sciences/ Adults  Nursing.


  • 2006     Al-Sadder Medical City and Al-Hakeem General Hospital/ performing a specified patients’ care (Coronary Care Units, Operative Room, and Hemodialysis Units).
  • 2007        University of Kufa/ Faculty of Nursing.
  • 2009         Reporter of Adults Nursing and Fundamental of Nursing Departments. 
  • 2010         Head of Adults Nursing Department.         
  • 2015        Dean Deputy for Scientific and Post-Graduation Affairs.
  • 2015        Director of the Advisory Center of Research and Data Analysis.
  • 2019        Dean of the Faculty of Nursing / University of Al-Ameed



  • Adults nursing for undergraduate and post-graduate students.
  • Nursing research for post-graduate students.
  • Nursing theories for post-graduate students.
  • Health assessment for undergraduate students.
  • Provide lectures in critical care nursing and fundamental of nursing.



  • Academic supervisor on post-graduate students (Adults Nursing).
  • I have a google scholar account with a gradually elevated citation and h-index (Deeaa Kareem Abd Ali Albiaty).
  • Published a number of nursing studies, e.g.:


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