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Lect. Dr.. Ahmed Jassim Al-Lami

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  • PhD
  • Medical physics
  • Lect. Dr. Physics | University of Wasit/ Iraq
2006 – 2010 Nuclear Physics | University of Baghdad/ Iraq
2010 – 2012
PhD in Medical Physics | University of Southampton/ UK
2015 – 2019
Assist lecturer | University of Wassit
2012 – 2014
I worked as a lab manger in general physics lab. After three months from beginning in this job, I created this lab for all first year non physics students. Also I prepared a work sheet for this lab and they used till now. 
lab demonstrator| University of Southampton
2015 – 2019
As I in PhD in the University of Southampton, I started to teach second year students the kinetics modules which is used Matlab to do some simulations  
Lecturer| University of Al-Ameed
2019 – CURRENT
Lecturer in Faculty of Medicine, my job is to teach first year student ‘medical physics’  


  1. Publications • Guduff, L., Allami, A.J., van Heijenoort, C., Dumez, J.N. and Kuprov, I., 2017. Efficient simulation of ultrafast magnetic resonance experiments. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(27), pp.17577-17586.
  2. • Allami, A.J., Lally, P. and Kuprov, I., 2019. Quantum mechanical MRI simulations: Solving the matrix dimension problem. Science Advances, 5(7), p.eaaw8962.
  3. Quantum mechanical simulation of magnetic resonance imaging
Computational physics Skills
Professional in Matlab 2016 and above. Programming hundreds of lines as one example in our work. Professionally applicable on how to choose the level of theory required for calculations using both literatures and recommended websites.
 Strong communication/presentation skills: presented data clearly and confidently to both small and large groups, at home or abroad, in English as well as Arabic, adapting style and content to the level of knowledge and understanding of others. Demonstrated experience of excellent research capabilities to carry out innovative and insightful research with an ability of identifying, analyzing and summarizing relevant literatures, and ability to devise and articulate a research plan with defined goals. Ability to learn and apply new skills to the research. Ability and willingness to undertake collaborative research. Ability to supervise and mentor undergraduate and graduate students. Ability to maintain a safe working and learning environment. Ability to achieve project goals within time. Excellent in preparing talks and posters.
1- EUROMAR 2016. Aarhus, Denmark, July 3-7, 2016. Poster only.
2- EUROMAR 2017. Warsaw, Poland, July 2-6, 2017. Poster only.
3- University of Southampton Poster Day, September 15, 2017. Poster only.
4- EUROMAR 2018. Nantes, France, July 2-6, 2018. Poster only.
5- Warith alanbiyaa university, March 18, 2019. interview presentation
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