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Prof. Dr.. Abdulrazzak Kalaf Hassan Al-Maeyahe

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  • PhD
  • Orthopedic surgery and fractures
  • Prof. Dr.
 1- Fellowship of Commission of Arab Board of Surgery, January, 2000.
 2- Fellowship of Iraqi Commission for Medical Specialization in General Surgery, Iraq,                     December, 1998.
 3- Diploma in General Surgery, College of Medicine AL-Kufa University, Iraq, Nov. 1998.
 4- M.B.CH.B. in medicine and surgery, 1992, AL-Mustansiriya University.
 Current Appointment:
 1- Assistant Prof. in General Surgery since 2014.     
         2- Consultant Surgeon in AL-Hussein Medical City in Kerbala since 2015.
 3- Member of teaching  staff of  Kerbala Medical College since 2006.
 5- Member of Consultation Committee for General Surgery-Ministry of Health  for  2 years               (2008 & 2009).
 6- Trainer for Arab Board Students in family Medicine- Kerbala Center since 2012.
 7- Chairman of Kerbala training center in General Surgery of the Iraqi Board For Medical                 Specializations since 2016 till now 
 Professional Experience:
 1- Consultant General Surgeon in AL-Hussein Medical City in Kerbala since  2015.
 2- Since2000 & till 2014 specialist Surgeon in AL-Hussein Medical City in Kerbala 
 3- 1994-2000  postgraduate student:
* At the end of the fourth year, I passed the final comprehensive examination &was  granted the       degree of (Fellow of Iraqi Commission for Medical Specialization in General Surgery).
* At the end of the fifth year, I passed the examination of Arab Board and was granted the degree     of (Fellowship of Commission of Arab Board of Surgery).
 3- 1992-1994: Resident at AL-Hussein teaching hospital in Kerbala.
 Scientific Courses:
 1- Educational course in laparoscopic surgery in Al-Hilla teaching hospital & granted the        authorization for laparoscopic surgery, 2009.
 2- Successfully complete the national cognitive and skills evaluations in accordance with         the curriculum of the American Heart Association for the BLS  for Healthcare Providers      (CPR & AED) program, November, 2010.     
 3- Laparoscopic surgeries at Bellevue Medical Center and Laparoscopic dry lab course  at       the Surgical Research Laboratory at the Medical School of Saint Josef University,                Beirut-Lebanon, December, 2012.
 4- Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery  from Shiraz University of Medical               Sciences on December, 2016.
 5- Instructor in ATLS courses of  American College Of Surgeons since Sept. 2017. 
 Scientific Conferences:
 1- The 1st Iraqi &16th  Mosul Cancer Pain Relief & Palliative Care  Symposium Held in mosul,          13th -15th of October, 2001.
 2- The 1st Scientific Conference of The Iraqi Society Of Nephrologists & Urologist  Baghdad,           19th -21st of March, 2002.
 3- Scientific Conference of Iraqi Medical Specialty Forum, Medical City, Baghdad 14th -17th of         February, 2004.
 4- Kerbala Medical College Symposium about War & Catastrophe surgery, 2nd of  April 2006.
 5- 2nd Conference of  Medical Sciences of Al-Kufa Univ.18th -19th of March 2009.
 6- The 3rd Medical Annual Conference, Holy Kerbala, 25th of April, 2009.
 7-The 1st Babel Surgical Conference, Babel 1st -2nd of July, 2009.
 8- The 14th Scientific Conference of College of Medicine-University of Baghdad, 14th -15th of           April, 2010.
 9-The 5th Scientific Conference of College of Medicine-Al-Mustansyria  University, 21st -22nd of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  April, 2010.
 10- The 4th Medical Annual Conference, Holy Kerbala, 8th of May, 2010.
 11- The 1st Scientific Day Of Orthopedic Surgery, Held in Holy Kerbala, 16th of  April, 2011. 
 12- Kerbala University Symposium on Hydatid Cysts on 24th of April 2011.
 13- The 1stInternational Medical Conference, Holly Kerbala, 22nd of February 2012
 14- The 5th Medical Annual Conference, Holy Kerbala,7th of May, 2011.
 15- Workshop “Laser haemorrhoidectomy” in Calli Meydan Medical Center – Antalya- Turkey,          28th -30th of September, 2011.
 16- The 1st annual HIS congress, ( hypertension focus & update) Held in Kerbala  College of                Medicine, 23rd -24th of November, 2011.
 17- The Second International Medical Conference / College of Medicine –Kufa  University / Al           Najaf Al-Ashraf, 20th -22nd of February, 2012.
 18- The 1st international Conference on Medical Education of Kerbala & Asfahan  Universities,          Kerbala 3rd -4th of April, 2012.
 19- The 6th International Colorectal Congress in Shiraz, 19th -21st of April 2012.
 20- Workshop of Medical Education Skills, Held in College Of Medicine, Sharjah University,              UAE, 13th -17th of May, 2012.
 21- Babel Symposium on Morbid Obesity, Held in Al-Hilla Teaching Hospital, 5th  of March,              2013.
 22- Workshop of Morbid Obesity, AL-Hussein Medical City in Kerbala, 3rd -4th of  March, 2015.
 23- Primary Health Care Conference, Held in Kerbala &supported by WHO, 30th -   31st of                   March, 2015.
 24- The 7th Annual Kerbala IMI. Conference & Workshops, 23rd – 25th  of March, 2015.
 25- Laparoscopic Workshop, held in Shiraz, Iran, 20th of April, 2015.
 26- 4th International Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Shiraz, Iran, 20th -  24th of April              2015. 


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Non Governmental Association Membership:  
  1- Member of IRAQI Medical Association since 1992.
  2- Member of IRAQI Society  of surgeons since 1998. 
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