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At the level of students.:

1.Preparation of highly skilled nursing staff in the provision of nursing care to patients according to the global accredited academic standards in the field of nursing. Besides that, the faculty perfuming according to Islamic principles, ethics and professional controls.

2.Enabling graduates to apply the theoretical and rental foundations gained from Nursing Sciences and Basic sciences to develop comprehensive nursing care plans to serve the community and individuals.

3.Spread volunteer work and reward students who are participating in community volunteer services.

4.Applying advanced scientific and technological plans to attract international students.

5.Applying of students support programs through the implementation of the academic counseling program and psychological support programs and their participation in 5 artistic, scouting, sports activities and other programs

6.Encourage students for field training to ensure that they have provided with nursing skills and experience. Establishing develop mechanisms to measure that training to be revised regularly.

Scientific Research and Educational programming:

1. Updating educational programs and linking it to the needs of society and the labor market.

2. Achieving the International institutional accreditation program in accordance with the time limit of the strategic Faculty plan.

3. Establishing agreements with health and none health relate (consulting) institutions to serve the profession and society.

4. Encouraging the role of scientific research to advance nursing research that helps in

solve health problems to the local community.

5. Using up to date techniques in teaching in order to increase students learning and fundamental knowledge.

6. Developing specialized laboratories equipped with the best equipment's and devices as well as maintaining and calibrating them regularly.

7. Honoring researchers whose their research results have contributed to the development of the educational process in the Faculty.

At the level of faculty members:

1.Attracting educational experiences from distinguished other Faculties members to be able to transfer experiences and cognitive skills to learners by providing high-quality educational opportunities.

2.Increasing positive competition among faculty members by offering awards to distinguished lecturer and researcher.

3.Activating the role of Faculty members in serving the local community through training, teaching, and providing consultations.

4.Improving the performance of Faculty members by participating in training sessions in the field of educational technology and other fields.

The values that the college focuses on:

1.Commitment and responsibility

2.Trust and accountability

3.Credibility and transparency

4.Cooperation and team work


6.Belonging and sobriety

7.Chastity and integrity

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