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1- Keeping up with the scientific development in all fields of medicine. 2- Applying and implementing the pillars of the integrated curriculum in order to reach student outcomes who demonstrate knowledge, skill and human professional behavior. To become doctors who treat the lives of sick individuals and society with compassion and concern. 3- Building partnerships with community and educational institutions locally, regionally and internationally. 4- Development of medical education programs to suit the college’s vision and mission. 5- Developing the skills of faculty members to keep pace with the continuous development of the educational process. 6- Preparing programs for continuing education for health service providers to serve the community. 7- Field follow-up for students, and adopting the principle of feedback to develop professional performance. 8- Raising a generation of exemplary doctors who are committed to the behavior of the profession, possessing professional competence and a high ability to exchange ideas, opinions and information.

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